Sitemap - 2023 - Working It Out As I Go


How can you call yourself a Christian?

Is God just looking for enough evidence to shame me into fearful allegiance?


This Sucks

Mr. Big Time

Second Story, Bay Window Sanctuary

This is Not the Fireplace You are Looking For


Rev. Brian Spahr - Associate Pastor

Special Sauce

Don't Tell Me what to Do

Instinct, Impulse, and Invitation

Hospital Art


Wordless Sighs


Every New Beginning Comes From Some Other Beginning's End

That's Not Fair!

Calm and Patient Expectations

Pain and Loss (of Presence)

Figure It Out Kid!

You Are My Density

How Are You Today?

The Night is for Stillness (Revisited )

Sunshine and Surgery, Boat Rides and Baptism, Mimosas and Mourning

Dad, can I talk with you for a few minutes?

These Tears Felt Different

I Am Not Alone

It’s not magic, or rocket science… just love.

Let Me Introduce You to My Friend Faith

You Have an Impossible Job

God does not look at you as a no good, rotten, dirty, messed up, broken sinner

What is this world I live in? What is this work I do?

The Annoying Mime Held Captive in the Box of My Brain

Adventures in Afternoon Anxiety

Tired, Thankful, and HOME!

Typical is Overrated

Seeing God in Fanciful Creatures and Made-Up Worlds

Hotline to God

There is Still Hope

Rest and Retreat


Do I Really Look That Bad?

Wordless Sighs

If God’s forgiveness is really not dependent on anything we could ever do ourselves, then why do we need to ask for it?

A Cry For Mercy Via Text Message

I Just Want to be with Jesus, but I’m Scared

Conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats, Muslims and atheists, queer and straight… everyone hurts, grieves, struggles, and suffers

Music Monday - Peace (Demo Version)

I Am In Over My Head

George and the Magical Memory Pool

Shotgun Weddings and God’s Love

Do Not Fear

Everything Sad Untrue

Spiritual Clumsiness and the Pursuit of Balance

Learning to Listen

I Didn't Pray the Sinner’s Prayer

Love is known when we recognize ourselves in the other

Take My Life and Let it Be

Chasing Dogs and the Love of Christ

I can’t explain the science, but I understand the power of love

The journey of faith isn’t about escaping hell; it is about embracing heaven

I Don't Need You!

The Endless Loop of Why?

Neurotic Dogs, Rotten Squirrels, and the Path of Christ

Where I Belong

The Bread and the Wine and the Rock Singer


It’s Not Just Brown Caffeine Water

In the Sweet By and By

469 - A Song Demo for paid Subscribers

I Prayed Anyway

Prayer Doesn’t Work

This isn’t how it was supposed to happen!

A Symbolic End

The world is broken and beautiful, and so am I

I wonder what is happening beyond my sight when God goes silent

Maybe Sometimes the Silence of God is Exactly What I Need

First Crack, Fruity Notes and the Peace of God

Sometimes I wish following Jesus was like an easy stroll across a steady and stable bridge

A Beautiful, Terrible, Life-Changing, Faith-Forming Time

Knock and the Door Shall Be Opened...

How is this the plan of a loving God?

Harsh Trills and Liquid Crystal Displays

Bruises and Stitches and Scars and the Invisible God

This awkward, uncomfortable, and Good Friday

I’m Glad You Didn’t Die

Shouting Hosanna from the Bathroom Floor

Yell and Spit and Shake Your Fist and Stomp Your Feet in Anger

Resurrection In You

Your Droids Are Going to Have to Stay Outside

Feeling Out Loud is a Sacred Protest

Is this our Lazarus Story?

This Beautiful, Terrible Darkness

Is that even really the promise of God?

Where Was God in Room 23?

How are you doing?

Am I Open to Wholeness?

Shouldn’t God be eradicating grief rather than causing it?

Flash and Flare and Fireworks

The Aftershock is Worse than the Earthquake

The Night is for Stillness

I Can't Find My Keys

What if God has no plans to condemn me?

What are the depths from which I cry?

Do I Really Want to Know God?

The Unexpected Presence of the Always Present God

Ecclesiastes 3:20

Psalm 18:30-31

1 Corinthians 13:12

Philippians 3:10

Galatians 5:14

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Welcoming Prayer

Lamentations 3:21-23

Psalm 27:1-3

2 Timothy 1:7

Bad Dad Jokes (And Other Faith Practices)